The Planning Application

Amount of Development - for Approval

The planning application provides for:

Residential development of up to 920 dwellings (with up to 300 more dwellings in the follow on planning application for future phases)

Up to 80 bed Adult Care Facility

Up to 0.5 hectares and up to 3,500 sqm Local Centre comprising a range of shops and local services

Up to 5 hectares and up to 21,000 sq.m of employment land

420 place Primary School and 2 no. 56 place Early Years facilities

10ha of Suitable Alternative  Natural Green Space

Over 17ha of open spaces and other landscaped areas (See Landscape Parameter Plan)

All associated vehicular, cycle and pedestrian infrastructure, (See Access and Movement Parameter Plan)

Draft Land Use Parameter Plan - for Approval

Development parcels/road alignment can deviate by up to 10m upon detailed design.

The precise location and extent to be approved at reserved matters.

Primary and secondary access corridor to include road, footpaths, cyclepaths where necessary, service margins, verges and suds where included. Spine road corridor varies in width from 15m to 50m due to variations in the width of verges and swales.