Green Infrastructure

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) features will be integrated within the green infrastructure network in accordance with best practice policy and guidance. Drainage will manage rainfall at source by
ensuring that surface water is discharged into the ground via infiltration techniques, taking into account an allowance for future climate change.

To achieve this, a number of drainage measures are proposed:

  • Plot attenuation for the commercial land uses.
  • Shallow, wide, swales (specifically designed drainage ditches) that convey surface water and allow infiltration.
  • Shallow, large, open, attenuation basins (dry basins) that hold water within the site at times of heavy rainfall. The dry basins will operate a 48 hour drain-down rate (but are otherwise dry and usable at all other times) and enable water to be released at a steady rate.
Drainage Strategy Plan - extracted from the Masterplan (not indicative of the red line boundary)

A Bird Hazard Management Plan will be required to determine the design of the drainage system due to the sites location within the MOD safeguarding zone, which requires management of the risk of attractant environments for large and/or flocking bird species.