First Consultation Actions

Developing the proposed Masterplan

All the feedback received from the first public consultation event was actively considered by the project team to inform the development of the proposed Masterplan. This is summarised in the table below.

Reference within the Masterplan

Providing a greater level of information about the four key areas that form the basis of the Landscape Framework and public open spaces.

Specific guidance on proposed measures to ensure an overall net gain in biodiversity from the development of the site.

The identification of a range of improvement measures to robustly mitigate any adverse impacts upon the local transport network.

A reduction in the number of Character Areas that will characterise the proposed development.

The provision of a whole set of high-level design guidance which exhibit the distinctive character of Mildenhall and its surrounding area.

A broad array of sustainable design principles that will be adopted for any future development.

The disclosure of the intended approach towards delivering the proposed land uses through identifying four broad phases of development.