The First Public Consultation


The first public consultation event – held between Monday 4th January and Monday 15th February 2021 – was undertaken to obtain views on the initial evidence base and technical considerations that would inform the drafting of a Masterplan. Feedback was received from statutory consultees (e.g. Historic England), key local stakeholders (e.g. Town Council, Parish Council’s) and the general public consisting of residents from Mildenhall and surrounding villages.

A total of 149 responses were received from the general public, which were mostly from the submission of feedback forms hosted on the dedicated website providing the consultation material. The main feedback arising from this process are summarised below:


  • Mixed reaction to the principle of development
  • Storey heights generally considered acceptable, but the quantum of development proposed was queried or challenged
  • Concern regarding the potential impact upon the infrastructure within Mildenhall
  • Widespread concern about its potential adverse impact on traffic generation and the safety of access points
  • Constructive comments regarding the inclusion of potential features within the scheme, such as the strategic open space known as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)
  • The environmentally sustainable form of development proposed was commended, but some reservations whether any development can be truly sustainable
  • The need to ensure the proposal is sympathetic to the setting of St. Mary’s Church
First Consultation Website